Nova Middle School Band Parents Association
RE: NMS Band Parents Association

The Nova Middle School Band Parents Association exists to provide support for the Nova Middle School Band program and to assist the Band Director and other professionals in their efforts to provide a quality experience through personal involvement in music.  This letter is to introduce you to the new board as well as our personal invitation to perhaps serve on a committee or fill a position that is currently vacant for the 2017-2018 school year.

Our Current Board / Directors:

Mr. Aaron Baker - President
Mrs. Tammy Baker - Vice President
Vacant - Secretary
Mrs. Tammy Baker - Volunteer Coordinator
Mr. Aaron Baker - Website Coordinator
Ms. Alicia Sheffield  - Treasurer

​Vacant - Volunteer Director

Vacant - Fundraiser Coordinator

​Vacant - Financial Secretary

 At this time, we are working diligently, getting organized and ready for the new school year. Volunteers are still needed for the following positions: Public Relations Coordinator, Fundraiser Chairperson (Internal Fundraising), Business Sponsorship (External Fundraising), Daily Support Volunteer Coordinator, Hospitality Chairperson.   If available, and you would like to donate some of your time, please email us at

Please be sure to put "NMS Band OPEN POSITIONS" in your subject line.

While the Board of Directors performs the administrative functions of the booster club, it is the parent volunteers (which includes the board as well) who perform so many of the tasks needed throughout the year to raise money, donate and staff concessions, chaperone rehearsals and performances, work on projects from home or simply help out in the band room.  All families of each participating students contribute to the program’s success in some way, and the board strongly encourages each of you to participate, share ideas and information and help us in our shared mission to provide our children with the tools necessary to excel.  

Yours in Music,

Nova Middle School Band Parents Association

Welcome to:Nova Middle School Band


Public Relations Coordinator
Fundraiser Chairperson (Internal Fundraising)
Business Sponsorship (External Fundraising)
Daily Support Volunteer Coordinator
Hospitality Chairperson

Board Members responsibilities


The Association President will lead the members toward the attainment of the goals of this chapter and of the Nova Middle School Band Parents Association.  The President will preside at all meetings of the Association and of the executive committee.  The President will serve as ex officio member on all committees.  The President will select members to serve the Association as needed and will work in close cooperation with the Director.  The President represents the Association in dealing with the school and community.

Vice President

The Vice President of this Association will preside at all meetings of the Association in the absence of the president, and it will be his or her duty to assist the President.  The Vice President will also keep track of the progress of all projects, assist other Board members as needed, and serve as membership chairperson.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary of this chapter will keep an accurate records of all Board and general meetings.  The Secretary will also assist other Board members with secretarial functions and manage a Calendar of Events for the Band and Parent Association. 

Treasurer and Financial Secretary 

The Treasurer of this Association will be responsible for the collection and deposit of moneys received from students and collected by the Association.  He/she will maintain accurate records of all student’s individual accounts, and any Fair Share fees paid and any donations made (cash receipts and disbursements) and will present a proper statement of account to the Parent Association, reconciling all bank statements monthly.   The Treasurer will report at each meet the receipts, disbursements, and cash balance on hand.  The association Advisor should make an audit of the Treasurer’s records at the end of each quarter.   Both the Treasurer and Financial Secretary will supervise and reconcile accounts against cash receipts. 

Public Relations /Communications Coordinator

The Publicity Chairperson will write advance and post event press releases and develop an on-going relationship with local press to promote and publicize all aspects of the band program.  He/she will collect information from the board, write new articles for the website, social media, or emails and recruit and administer volunteers as needed.  This Communications Chairperson will also set up and oversee communication channels for dissemination of important information to all families whenever needed.

Fundraiser Chairperson (Internal Fundraising)

The Fundraiser Chairperson will administer the Fundraising Committee.  He/she will appoint a chairperson for each fundraising activity who will, in a manner established by the Board, keep a written report with accurate financial records for that activity.  The Fundraising Chairperson will submit to the Board a definitive plan of action for the yearlong fundraising program on or before the first Board meeting of the fiscal year.  This will include a tentative schedule of events and a fiscal budget for the Board’s approval. 

Business Sponsorship (External Fundraising)

The Business Sponsorship Chair will administer the Business Sponsorship Program.  He/she will collect all moneys paid for advertising and will assume responsibility for making sure that the Parent Association is meeting its obligation to paid Business Sponsors, including but not limited to logos appearing in printed programs, logos appearing on the website, and invitations to our performances.  The Business Sponsorship Chair will work together with the Fundraising Chair. 

Parent Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator will maintain a list of volunteers and assist committee chairs in staffing events with volunteers.   He/she will collect volunteer hour documents and submit hours to the school office when requested.    

Daily Support Volunteer Coordinator

This Volunteer coordinator will coordinate specifically the middle school and high school volunteers as well as parental daily support who assist the Director with daily administrative work, copying, order fulfillment and inventory control.

Website/Social Media Coordinator

The Website/Social Media Coordinator will be responsible maintaining the band website and keeping the website up to date with information provided by the directors, and in particular, the Communication Coordinator. The Website/Social Media Coordinator will also be the point of contact for all photos/videos during events.

Hospitality Chairperson

The Hospitality Chairperson will administrate the annual End of the Year Picnic/Celebration and coordinate concession stands for events held at NMS.  The Hospitality Chairperson will organize volunteers to prepare refreshments for special events by the Board.


The Videographer will attend Nova Middle School band performance and video tape the performance capturing as best as possible the overall performance from a higher/wider vantage point.  He/she will create a DVD of the performance by the next school day for the Band Directors to review and utilize as a teaching aid and will then produce a DVD for sale as a fundraiser for the band, as needed.  The inclusion of still photographs is at the discretion of the Videographer.  The Videographer may also provide photographic services to the NMS Band Parent Association.

Member at Large

A Member at Large assists as need, any board member or committee.